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10 Minute Guided Meditation for Anxiety and Stress

10 Minute Guided Meditation for Anxiety and Stress

Hey guys! So I’m on the ground right now it’s not getting ready to do a meditation you guys would like to do a guided meditation with me just go ahead and grab a seat and let’s get started okay so I’m on the floor and you can sit anywhere you like really you could even do this laying down if you wanted to but I find it best lately I usually would start by sitting like on my couch or on my like desk chair even even though my bed but I think I like it best when I’m just sitting on the floor I have my yoga mat out because after there’s I’m gonna do some stretching and I really like to do some stretching with yoga with Adriene and I’ll link her channel down below because it’s awesome but I wanted to start with a meditation now because I have just noticed I am tense especially in my face I’ve noticed in the past couple weeks I just keep catching myself noticing that my jaw is very tense and the muscles in my face or tense so I like to try to practice meditating everyday and yeah let’s just let’s just get to it um and I’m just again sitting on the floor you can sit however you like however you find yourself comfortable and what I like to do is just rest my hands on my knees and I will just sit up and I like to do those closing my eyes you can keep your eyes open if you’d like I’m just gonna close my eyes and just take a few deep breaths and I like the start and meditation this way just to help me focus and then after I do a few deep breaths I like to go ahead and let my breath just be what it is so we’ll just do a few more deep breaths and sometimes I’ll just do it this way too it’s just like breathing in through my nose and letting it all out through my mouth you can even just kind of relax your neck a little bit I like to rotate my head a little bit sometimes and then come back up and just again just let the breath be what it is there’s nothing really special that you’re doing here it’s just focusing on what’s happening in here so and right away I can already tell that my face is tense my arms are tense and I’m just noticing that and I noticed when I zero in on these things as I’m breathing the tense muscles seem to relax so I notice it like in my eyebrows my jaw and if you’d like you can also count the breath so you’re breathing in on one breathe out on to so you could try that one yeah one yeah and you might notice while you’re sitting feelings might come up thoughts might come up and I just like to use a tip from headspace which is recognizing if that’s thinking or if that’s feeling so I’m feeling a lot honestly so another breathing exercise that I find helpful during this time is to breathe in on four counts and breathe out on four counts so let’s try that and just with your eyes closed if you want you to leave them open let’s try that exhale breathe it all out and then this time we’ll breathe in on one two three four breathe out one two three four so you can try that again inhale and exhale and then we’ll try that again a little bit slower so breathing in on one two three four and breathing out one two three four let’s try holding our breath in between those counts let yourself breathe in and out and we’ll try again breathing on the in count one two three four and hold and exhale on one two three four inhale one two three for hold it in exhale one two three four just come back to letting yourself breathe just like you normally would you also might notice where in your body you’re feeling the breath the most so that might be in your chest that might be at the tip of your nose or maybe in your belly sometimes I just feel it all throughout the front of my body so I just kind of notice it right here in the chest and my stomach let’s go ahead and take a few more breaths just notice it the feelings come up it’s okay thoughts just come back to him inhale and exhale one mmm jelly when you’re ready you can go ahead and open your eyes and just notice how you feel this is something that’s been helping me a lot during this time and again I highly recommend yoga with Adriene YouTube channel because it is excellent so I’m actually going to follow along with one of her stretches now and I hope you guys found this video helpful if you guys like these kind of videos where I meditate with you guys on camera let me know if you brethren you view this type of video rather than the just voice recording like I’ve done before but I hope you guys are having a good day and stay safe stay healthy and I wish you guys nothing but the best so bye I’ll see you guys on the next one


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