Home Fitness 5 Lower Ab Isolation Exercises That Will Make Your Lower Belly Fat Cry

5 Lower Ab Isolation Exercises That Will Make Your Lower Belly Fat Cry

5 Lower Ab Isolation Exercises That Will Make Your Lower Belly Fat Cry

hey guys Cassey here today sir George seems like he’s going to be a nice addition to the video but I am when we laying down this whole time because it’s for lower abs and I just really hope he doesn’t bite my hair off okay well anyway you guys today we’re I saluted the lower belly pooch area which I know is a problem area for a lot of women including myself I noticed that as I’m getting older it becomes harder and harder to control that area yes George is also very interested in the lower belly ab area but a lot of it has to do with me not getting proper sleep with me getting more stressed out and so my levels of cortisol rise and therefore I’m holding more fat in my lower belly so before you even do this video or after you do this video whatever when you are doing this video really think about how you can add more peace and calmness into your life do more things that you really enjoy and get away from people who really stress you out because honestly it’s toxic on your body so you’ve got five moves each move is gonna be done for a minute and 30 seconds giving you seven minutes and thirty seconds of intense lower abdominal torture and I’m actually kind of scared how this is going to be because that’s a long time just for isolating the lower abs so if you feel like it’s hurting and not in a good way I will give you modification so that you guys can keep going in general you’re gonna want to watch out for those hips and if the ars aren’t distrained make sure you’re pressing your lower back into the mat and you’re bending your knees okay alright guys ready I’m scared I’m also scared to see whether George is gonna come back and bite my entire head of hair off we are gonna begin with our crunched heel tap so let me show you what that looks like go ahead and lay down on your mat I’m currently laying down on the boho blizzard it’s soft and micro suede I love it okay you guys so both hands behind the nape of the neck elbows super wide you’re gonna come up into that Pilates stance so at this moment my head neck and shoulders are lifted and I’m even shaking right here okay it should be a crunch now heels on the mat heels long heel short heels long okay that is it we begin right now all right you guys so crunching up out and in it’s a light tap you can go at your own pace all right just like that heels in and out nice work I’m gonna exhale on the way out inhale on the way in and in just like that so I don’t know if you can tell but I’m totally shaking right now totally shaking if you want to make shake more lift your shoulder blades off the mat even more okay just like so now if your hip flexors are starting to hurt a little bit what you can do is relax your head place the hands underneath the tailbone and bring the heels out just like that that takes a lot of pressure off of the tech flexing otherwise if you want to you want to go hardcore with me right here elbows wide legs in and out just like that it’s very simple but it attacks the lower belly you feel that 30 seconds more I’m actually really surprised that George hasn’t come over to to hump me or to to eat my hair oh there he is he’s growling he knows I’m talking about it out and in keep going press in nice and light press that low back into the mat okay I don’t want you hurting your low back you more okay very good next up we have little use so place your hands underneath your tailbone like so relax the head neck and shoulders we’re gonna draw little use just like this okay so see if your legs are having a hard time being straight feel free to give them a slight Bend now for my crazies out there you want to go intent then I want you to keep your leg straight come onto your elbows and give me little use right here Oh yep little use right here I should have probably waited another 30 seconds before I showed you this progression in the advancement of the move because it’s not easy no it’s not but we got to do is you got to press your toes hard press your heels hard you’re gonna be fine shoulders away from the ears belly button in chest open and you’re just gonna breathe you guys we got 30 seconds left oh okay I’ve super tight focus and control coming into the core we are working those lower abs ah hurts but you’re gonna keep that perfect form keep going now even in this position if you need to bend your knees for a couple to get through it that is fine otherwise go strong and hard give me those little use drawing those little happy faces woo oh okay crazy that’s crazy next we have our single leg drop so both hands underneath the tailbones leg straight up in the sky I want you to drop and lift and drop and lift just like that I want your legs to go to parallel I don’t want them to go lower than that or else again you’re gonna hurt those hip flexors we’ve got to protect the legs protect the legs now modification you guys can also bend the knees and tabletop and dip the toe it really depends on where your level is but I want you to push yourself and not take the easy way out today okay and we all know look you can cheat to people outside of you who have no clue but you know when you’re cheating yourself uh-huh so do not cheat yourself today’s press that low back into the mat okay you’re gonna be fine you’re gonna be fine breathing inhaling down exhaling lift and if you want to place your head up like that so that your low back can press more into the mat you can also do that you’ve got about 20 seconds left Oh breathing you’re doing so good nice work guys Ian hailing down exhaling up pointing your legs hard hi sir are you coming to join money’s good because mommy is dying good okay no no no don’t push pause George no okay he’ll push ABS he’ll push ups are like this you guys hands I can’t stay I don’t know George you’re gonna press the legs out like so no George me in and out in and out what is he doing no George no I just did my hair and I’m not even good at hair you can’t do that then he leaves where shall George go okay you guys so a little bit lost with my trainers out here but your heels are pressing out your feet are flexed head neck and shoulders are up and lifted in that Pilates stance you want to take your time now if the hip flexors are feeling crazy then what I want you to do is lift the knees up with the legs up and just push diagonally out okay that’s totally up to you and where you’re feeling with your level today okay we got 30 seconds left fight fight fight you got this pushing like you’re pushing a heavy vault door to a bank push it open push away all of your fears push away all those limitations you’ve got this nice and slow and controlled you don’t have to go quick okay so good now next one we have a reverse double leg lift guys is their last move so hands by your sides legs out I want you to lift up give me a small lift here and then coming you down all the way almost a parallel so we lift up lift to the sky and then come down modification bending the knees small lift and bend the knees down okay this is totally up to you your choice and minute and 30 seconds of how you would like to work your lower abs now I like going high so I think it’s super fun but this is going to take some time it takes control and if you fall over your first time it’s okay you’re not that far off the ground they keep your neck long eyes up towards the ceiling or the sky if you’re outside and control it’s that control down we’re gonna see the change lift and coming down with control let’s go up and down pressing your hands into the mat actually really surprised that George is it all over my face right now and I’m very grateful for that I don’t even know where he is right now whoa come on push love one more you guys one more I always like putting one in after the timer is dead oh okay you guys that was good we just finished our Oh George is right there we just finished our abdominal lower ab lower belly pooch whatever you want to call it video if you made it this way I can’t even talk anymore that was really hard and if you made it this far give this video a big thumbs up and let me know in the comments below what kind of videos you want to see something really different something creative you want me to test out something like do you want me to test out some crazy fad that you’ve seen on Instagram or on YouTube to be like hey does this actually work like waist trainers or whatever you know I’m up to bust some myths okay you guys thank you so much for joining me and I answer George we’ll see you next time


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