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5 MINUTE Calming Meditation (With Guiding Voice)

5 MINUTE Calming Meditation (With Guiding Voice)

This five minute meditation can reduce nervousness before events such as interviews, beginning a new job or school or dealing with everyday stressful situations or just whenever you want to feel calm. To begin, sit on a chair with your feet on the floor, inhale through your nose to the count of four.

Then, exhale through your mouth to the count of two. Do this several times. Imagine that rising from the core of the earth up to your feet comes a sphere of white light. Concentrate on it drawing through the soles of your feet.

Feel its warmth as it enters your body. Feel it sink into each muscle, into every fiber. Continue to draw it upward through your calves, knees, thighs. Feel it dissolve stress and tension as if you were sitting in a warm bath.

Let it flow on upward to your solar plexus and disperse tightness. Feel it bathe your upper back… your throat… It illuminates your face like sunlight, ridding you of any tension in your head. The Warmth infuses you with calm and with confidence.

Say to yourself: “I am calm. I am centered.” “I am at peace”. Now imagine the light returning to the area of your solar plexus, the seat of your emotions. From there it radiates out through your skin, flowing down from your head to your heels and surrounding you with a protective aura.

When you have done this, relax and stretch. Take a deep breath. Feel the warmth and the peace of the light resting in you… …and remember that it is always there for you to call upon whenever you need to feel calm.


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