This is JP Furner with mindfulnessmp3.com your safety is important to me! Please make sure you are in a safe and comfortable place where you may close your eyes relax and fall asleep while listening please pause this video and read this important disclaimer welcome to another guided meditation brought to you by mindfulness mp3.

com this guided meditation session we’ll focus on the body scan and for those of you that are unfamiliar with the body scan we’ll begin by learning how to feel our hands from the inside let’s begin by sitting down in a comfortable position with your spine being erect make sure you were comfortable and let’s take a few slow deep breaths and release any tension in our bodies especially on the shoulders and neck laying our hands gently on our lap and with one hand tap against the other hand now please close your eyes and for a moment feel into the hand you tabbed and if needed tapped again several times placing your attention fully into the hand being tapped can you feel the hand you might feel tingly or something what you’re doing now is paying attention to your hand this is what we do with each area of the body in the body scan and we can even do that if we don’t have any sensations in that area we feel into it as if there was something to feel we like to say that numbness counts as a sensation in this practice and now moving on to the body scan if you would like you may lie down for the body scan we’ll be practicing this for about 15 minutes you mean lay down on the floor or lay down on a yoga mat if you like or any comfortable service if you decide to lie down it can be nice to put your legs up on the seat of your chair it’s up to you if you want to close your eyes or just lower your gaze now that you’re lying down let’s find a comfortable posture now feeling into your body lying or sitting here you may also sit in a chair if you’d like feeling into the areas of contact in this moment where the feet are touching the ground or the chair the legs your back the arms the head maybe also noticing your breath entering and leaving your body the intention of the body scan is to be present with our body without wanting anything at all not even relaxation and of course it’s nice to relax and it’s great if it happens but this is not the goal of the body scan the goal is to be checking in with each area of the body in a non-judgmental way we simply feel what is there to feel no need to stir up sensations by moving the body and if your body’s feeling restless wet and shake out any tension you can try this several times to relax that part of the body and when you’re ready we can move back into the body scan and you may notice that there are a number of areas in the body that you might not be able to feel at all and this is quite normal and okay just check into those areas as if you could feel something starting with the feet feeling into both feet right now feeling into those areas where your feet are touching the ground or the chair and maybe feeling your toes or not whatever feels right you may also feel tingling we’re some sensation like the temperature you now moving the attention to your ankles and lower legs hmm ask yourself what is here to feel if anything at all feeling the pressure of your calves against the mat or the floor perhaps the fabric against the skin and if you notice that your attention is suddenly somewhere else gently and without judgment return it back to your legs this is not a problem at all the mind simply likes to wander it is important to bring it back without judgement or labeling if you find it helpful you can imagine that you are breathing into your lower legs as if your attention could ride on the breath or as if your attention would light up the area as if it were a flashlight I’ll letting go of the lower legs and moving the attention to your knees and thighs what is here to feel again maybe pressure temperature the position of your legs or nothing at all numbness does count as a sensation in this practice noticing that thinking about an area or picturing it in your mind’s eye is different from actually feeling it now letting go of the thighs and moving the attention to the lower trunk the pelvis and the belly up to the belly button and noticing any sensation in this area may be feeling the breath in the lower belly or not then letting go and now feeling into the upper trunk the stomach area the chest feeling the sensations of the breath here with each inhalation and each exhalation feeling the spine against the floor or the back of the chair and noticing any sensations that are here were the absence of sensations from here now moving the attention into your hands and feeling your hands you might notice how well you can feel your hands without having to see them feeling the individual finger feeling the position of your hands and when you’re ready moving the attention to the wrists and forearms now what is here to feel touch pressure warmth now moving the attention to your elbows and upper arms and noticing any sensations here and if your mind wanders off just bringing it back to wherever we are just starting again and from here living the attention to your shoulders the back of your neck and then up your head now feeling into your jaw and feeling into your face what does your face feel like feeling your mouth knows cheeks eyes forehead and now feeling your entire face and now opening the awareness to include the entire body again lying we’re sitting here in the chair being alive and breathing and if you like imagining to be breathing from the crown of your head all the way down into your toes and up and out again noticing all the sensations of the body and allowing them to be just as they are in this moment allowing some movement back into the body like working your fingers and toes and stretching the body in any way it wants if it feels good and right and when you are ready in your own time opening your eyes and coming back into a seated position let’s take a moment to reflect on your experience in this new moment now I encourage you to share your experience in the comment section below others may find it helpful and it feels good to share your experiences so that it may benefit others and if you have not already please subscribe to my youtube channel and 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