Home Health Care Products Boston Advance Multipack, 3x120ml & 3x30ml

Boston Advance Multipack, 3x120ml & 3x30ml


Price: $45.49
(as of Nov 12,2020 13:25:35 UTC – Details)

Market leading Boston Advance RGP solutions provide safe cleaning, disinfection and storage, in addition to significantly enhancing wearing comfort on insertion and throughout the day. This is achieved with a unique combination of biocompatible, moisture-retaining conditioning agents which improve wetting, cushion the lens and reduce lens-lid interaction.

Ideal for modern RGP materials eliminating the need for protein removing tablets in most patients
Conditioner: A moisture-preserving polymer provides a highly lubricous lens surface, which resists deposits and improves comfor
A powerful combination of agents improves efficacy whilst being even gentler on the eye
Friction enhancing agent gently removes stubborn protein depositst


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