Home Fitness Crazy HIIT CARDIO + ABS Workout // No Equipment

Crazy HIIT CARDIO + ABS Workout // No Equipment

Crazy HIIT CARDIO + ABS Workout // No Equipment

what’s up guys welcome to today’s hiit cardio and ab workouts this one is gonna be crazy guys we have four different circuits this is how it’s going to be broken down we have circuit number one we’re gonna be doing a cardio burst circuit number two we’re going to target those ABS.

Circuit number three we’re going right back to cardio and then we’re gonna finish off circuit number four with more ABS okay so two cardio circuits and two ab circuits each circuit contains six different moves and we’re going to be getting through the whole circuit two times before moving on to the next don’t worry all you have to do is follow along you don’t need any equipment for this one so you can do it from anywhere it’s a totally body weighted hiit workout okay so clear some space and get ready we are starting right now well you did it guys you survived a crazy hiit cardio and ab workout well done make sure you take some time to cool down and drink lots of water I’m sure it got pretty sweaty during that one today comment below let me know how it went for you let me know what kind of workout you want to see next and if you haven’t already guys don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss any of my free weekly workouts alright guys go rest up enjoy the rest of your day and I will see you at the next workout


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