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Emesis Bag, YGDZ 15 Pack Barf Bags Vomit Bags Disposable Car Puke Nausea Bags, 1000ml


Price: $9.99 - $7.99
(as of Oct 29,2020 03:22:04 UTC – Details)

Product Description


vomit bagvomit bag

SAVE YOUR EFFORT, MONEY & PRECIOUS CAR INTERIOR from barfing accidents with the YGDZ emesis bags, which are specifically designed to help you avoid spending a small fortune on cleaning your car upholstery. The leak-proof design will keep everything sealed inside and away from your seats!

If you have ever cleaned vomit from your car upholstery, then you know that the horrible smell never goes away. That’s exactly why our vomit bags are a life-saver for professional drivers who want to keep drunk passengers from ruining their upholstery.

barf bagbarf bag

IDEAL FOR PREGNANT WOMEN & SICK CHILDREN! If you are suffering from morning vomit and need a set of vomiting bags that will protect your loved ones from that awful smell, then our emesis vomit bags are exactly what you need. Plus, our air throw up bags are perfect for sick kids or adults, since they are super-easy to use!



vomit bag

vomit bag




45pcs emesis bags

30pcs emesis bags

55pcs emesis bags

24pcs emesis bags

22pcs emesis bags

SECURE AND SEALED: With its closure system – twist, and secure bag into a notched ring that helps to seal odors, perfect barf bags for travel motion
COST-EFFECTIVE: Our blue emesis bag will keep vomit away from all over your clothes, car seat, carpet saving you from paying for cleaning services. This is a must have for taxis and car service providers
LIGHT WEIGHT: It is a hand carry one- size emesis bag that has 1000ml and can be easily tucked anywhere for easy access when urgently needed
ALTERNATIVE USES: This disposable vomit bag can also be used as throw up bags for motion and air waste. And this is also very useful in throwing waste products like spoiled food


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