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GUIDED MEDITATION – Positive Body Image

GUIDED MEDITATION – Positive Body Image

A positive body-image meditation Find a time when you can be alone and make yourself comfortable Take a deep breath in through your nose and release the breath slowly through your mouth Breathe in again and envisage your exhalation carrying away any stress you may be feeling As you breathe, feel where your body is most tense Imagine that part of you relaxing a little more each time you breathe as if supported by a warm water that enters each muscle Wherever you feel stress concentrate upon that part of you and let the stress wash away Calmness and peace are spreading through you more and more with each breath Now think about yourself How do you feel about that image in your mind? Do you think you should look different to the way you are? How do you think you would feel if you were completely accepting of yourself right now? Go back in your mind to when you felt confident about how you looked We are going to extend that acceptance of the past into the present because there is always something that you can love about yourself even if you don’t think there is In order to do this I’m going to say some very powerful affirmations The key to them being powerful is to repeat them to yourself whilst imagining that every word is true for you, right now You can say them silently in your mind or speak them out loud it doesn’t matter which What’s important is to say the words with sincerity, with love and confidence I am absolutely fine the way I am I accept myself just as I am now I am a great person I accept my body wholeheartedly Now take a moment to mentally embrace yourself with that love and acceptance Let’s continue with these words I free myself from self-judgment I am fine the way I am The only person who needs to approve of me is me I accept myself I love myself I am sorry for the times I felt badly toward myself I am amazing in so many ways I now send love and blessings to all parts of my body Think for a moment about these affirmations All of them are true even if you may not feel they are Let the love and blessings absorb into you You deserve them Take a few more deep breaths and allow your breathing to gently bring you back to an awakened state As you go about your day think of the words you have said here and repeat them to yourself often You can of course come back to this recording whenever you feel a need to relax and affirm your self-love and acceptance


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