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GUIDED MEDITATION – Simple Breathing Exercise

GUIDED MEDITATION – Simple Breathing Exercise

This is an exercise in calming the breathing prior to meditation. The aim here is to simply forget you are breathing, Not to force it, but become unaware and relax completely, allowing yourself to listen to the meditation.

It is important first of all to make yourself as comfortable as possible. If you are sitting up, there is no need to sit poker straight. And likewise, do not lean over to constrict your breathing. Find a position that will allow you to be comfortable for a few minutes.

Begin this meditation by breathing as normal For a little while, just allow your thoughts to come and go as they will. Now notice how automatically and effortlessly you have been breathing while your mind is skipping through the subjects in your head.

Think about how the air moves in and out of your lungs. And now concentrate on where the air is entering your body, your nose or mouth. Each time you breathe in, say in your mind the word, “peace.” When you exhale, imagine that you are exhaling your restlessness.

The whirl of your many thoughts. Place your hand on your solar plexus. Let it rest there. Imagine you are looking out of a window. A white feather floats in the air. It rises and falls with each breath you inhale and exhale in a gentle, soothing motion.

Watch the feather and breathe with it until your breathing calms and becomes relaxed and effortless.


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