Home Fitness I did 100 squats everyday and this is what happened…

I did 100 squats everyday and this is what happened…

I did 100 squats everyday and this is what happened…

so guys today is the very first day of the 100 squat challenge I’ve never done a hundred squats consecutively every day for 30 days so I thought it’d be really cool to see if anything will change in the area so I brought out my measuring tape and if you’re interested in learning how to measure your hips or your butt this is how you do it basically bring the tape around the pointiest part of your butt which for me is right there and that’s all I got because of my age of jeans or my jeans my sister actually has butt okay so you are going to go around right there feet together bring it around the hip 37 and a quarter okay so yeah that is day one yeah yeah story or something inspirational and I see the comments that might be some people creating change in their life breakfast at or where in the world have you worked out I did right before them to the Bobby put you to beat oh it really helps to blame it – you look Clark oh my goodness and it will fire up the legs for sure now stay low nineteen alternates yeah just try to enjoy the summer I get to lie off with no cameras my face so I’m ready every made it today 30 of the 100 sighted because that means you yes I each one of us just did three thousand squad oh my god that is so so crazy I’m just so proud that I was able to stay accountable stick to that 9 a.

m. lives time [ __ ] they didn’t miss it and that you were there working out with me live every single day for 30 days oh my god my legs feel really tight I feel really strong and I’m feeling super good now in terms of transformations emotionally mentally I’m feeling tougher in terms of a physical well let’s see what happened right so a hundred club today also I’ve been doing extra workouts at the gym not extra but like I’ve changed my workout routine I’ve been doing some more weightlifting I’ve also been eating more 28-day reset style so as a whole I have lost some weight so let’s see what happens in terms of the numbers now last time I did this I was at 37 and a quarter looks like I’m at 37 so not surprising because I know that with my genetic my body doesn’t change too much especially in the glute area but it depends every body is different I saw some pictures on Instagram of you guys having these like whoa crazy transmissions after just 30 days and so I don’t want you guys to feel bad if you transpiration physically okay remember your body is your physical shell you’re more than your physical shell it’s about everything else that happened during it a 30 day challenge were you able to push through when you thought you’re going to stop were you able to keep going even though it hurts so much all those moments Tati resilience and taught you strength and it’s not only gonna help you your workout it’s going to help you in all other aspects of your life see you guys I’m super proud of you for doing the challenge with me staying accountable and just been through this it’s not easy I would definitely want to do another one so let me know in the comments below what body part we should do next should it be like the 100 crunch challenge 100 arms challenge I don’t really want to do a 100 burpees house that is not that is not what I’m going to do so don’t ask me if I’m going to do that okay you guys congratulations and I will see you next time


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