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Michigan Healthy Food Access

Michigan Healthy Food Access

Michigan has a really diverse agricultural base you would think that because of all the industry that we have that there would be a store on every corner but there isn’t access to healthy food is not equal or fair to our children when you make the right choice the easy choice everybody will make the right choice but right now the easy choice is probably the wrong foods it’s it’s much easier to go around the corner versus going the 15 or 20 minutes one direction after working all day and spending the evening at school and coming home and taking care of a house and children then to track make that 30 minute round trip just in a drive there are places where it’s really difficult to buy affordable or a good quality fresh food and when you don’t have a car you don’t have a driver’s license because of many many reasons you have very limited access it’s even in rural areas that people don’t have access to healthy good quality affordable foods for children are our future all of our children all of them deserve access to healthy food and obesity isn’t hereditary obesity is a problem with nutrition so guess what their problems are going to be tenfold worse tenfold sooner so not in their 50s 60s or 70s but we’re talking 20s 30s and 40s of the population of kids born between 95 and 2005 so it does make a big impact on our economy and it depends on what end you want to be it do you want to be the big investor i watch everybody’s health fail or do you really want a happy healthy innovative strong diverse community that can actually support and sustain michigan but currently right now we’re not doing so well the really good news about increasing the availability of good quality food is it’s not only great for families it’s great for our economy too obviously we have a perishable item and the faster that we can get that to people and they can get it easier and more affordably the better it is for all of us so how do we do that we improve health we improve walkable streets we improve access to healthy food choices it’s all what we teach them in the elementary school in the preschools in the early on let’s understand where food comes from let’s understand how to nourish our little ones so that in the next 60 years we can grow a population of healthy kids and not a population of kids that had no idea what a blueberry is or where it came from you


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