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Myofascial Releaser Ellipse Pro with User Guidebook – Patented Stainless Steel Physical Therapy Tool for Soft Tissue, Fascia Mobilization – Tools for IASTM ASTYM Myofascial Release Techniques


Price: $154.94
(as of Nov 28,2020 23:33:14 UTC – Details)

Product Description


The Myofascial Releaser tools were specifically designed for IAFM (Instrument Assisted Fascial Mobilization) and IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) with both the clinician and the do-it-yourself individual/athlete in mind.

WEIGHT & BALANCE: You will immediately feel comfortable holding and using the Myofascial Releaser tools. Not too light, and not too heavy. The Ellipse tools are crafted through CNC machining to ensure each tool provides the greatest feedback and sensitivity when breaking through fascial adhesions.
SAVE YOUR FINGERS: Your fingers won’t get tired and they won’t slip on this tool! You can choose between two different types of grip options on the Ellipse tools; The Pro with 3 finger holes or the Plus with the sandblasted and raised texture surface (B00PHXZVJA). Both are designed to keep your fingers from slipping when using oils and lotions during treatment.
SANITARY: If you are a clinician, please don’t use material that absorbs oils and liquids. That’s just gross. Polished steel will not absorb oils and liquids unlike tools made from stone, jade and bone. The Ellipse tools don’t have any crevices for lotions and oils to get trapped in either.
PERFECT EDGES: This is the key to the whole thing. Too rounded…not effective. Too sharp…too painful. We’ve spent lots of research and development time to get this dialed into perfection.
VERSATILE: The versatility of the Myofascial Releaser Ellipse tool allows you to do what it takes at least three tools from other brands to equal.

Your new favorite tool from Myofascial Releaser is waiting for you!


You will love your beautiful, professional tool! And so will your patients.

Anatomy Guidebook

Need a quick reference guide? No problem. Your new tool comes with a 152 page anatomy guidebook that will show you what areas are most likely to benefit from treatment and what areas to avoid. The book includes some highly effective stretches for common problem areas.

It’s All In The Grip

The Ellipse Pro has three holes for your fingers. The Ellipse Plus has a sandblasted surface with a raised, textured surface for a non-slip grip. It’s a personal choice, but you can’t go wrong either way.

Video Tutorials and Examples

You will find video tutorials on our website, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to help you learn how to utilize your new Myofascial Releaser tool.

Save Your Hands and Fingers!

Your most important asset is YOU. If you can’t perform, then you can’t work and can’t help your patients.
Pain in the thumb is the second most common reason for physiotherapists to miss work.
Using a tool to perform Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) gives you a mechanical advantage that decreases the amount of strain and fatigue put on your hands.
Stay in the game with Myofascial Releaser!

PREVENT INJURIES: Use the Ellipse Pro before exercise to prevent injuries and after exercises for faster recovery. Myofascial Release techniques will increase blood circulation and lengthen muscles, which helps increase mobility and flexibility.
MOST VERSATILE IASTM TOOL: You won’t need any other instruments because the Ellipse does it all! Our patented design provides multiple sized beveled edges on the convex and concave curves to give you the versatility only found by using multiple tools from other brands. Regardless of the muscle, big or small, you can use this tool to treat it.
INVEST IN QUALITY: Beware of competitors who use a cheaper steel casting process or other materials that don’t give you the precise feedback needed to feel fascial adhesions. The CNC machined Ellipse Pro has the perfect weight, balance and edge angles. Plus, your purchase includes our exclusive anatomy guidebook, fragrance free emollient, a hard protective case, access to instructional videos and US based customer service. You won’t get that from any other competitor.
SAVE YOUR FINGERS: The 3 finger holes will help you to grip the tool properly and save your fingers from strain. You will feel the fascia breaking up when using your patented Ellipse tool. The double beveled edges give you the ideal surface to release fascial adhesions.


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