Home Health Care Products Polymem 4″ x 4″ Non-Adhesive Pad (Pack of 3) Wound Dressing

Polymem 4″ x 4″ Non-Adhesive Pad (Pack of 3) Wound Dressing


Price: $16.50
(as of Oct 11,2020 12:53:25 UTC – Details)

Product Description PolyMem� Non-Adhesive Dressings are multifunctional primary and secondary dressings that effectively cleanse, fill, absorb and moisten wounds throughout the healing continuum as well as help relieve persistent wound-related and procedure-related pain. Benefits: Built-in cleansing capabilities minimize the need for manual wound bed cleansing during dressing changes Built-in visual indication of when dressings need to be changed Contains glycerol to soothe traumatized tissues, reducing wound pain Up to seven days between changes Keeps the wound bed moist Highly absorbent Indications PolyMem� is indicated for the majority of wounds (e.g., full- and partial-thickness wounds, skin tears, ulcers, surgical wounds, first- and second-degree burns).



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