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Often, we may inadvertently use repeating affirmations in a negative way telling ourselves that we are ill, we are afraid, or poor or useless And each time we tell ourselves these things, or are told them, we believe it, and these negative thoughts can take root, affecting what happens in our lives.

Thankfully, it is possible to retrain our minds by using positive affirmations. By repeating them, these too will become rooted in our minds until we come to believe them. In a few moments, you will hear some wonderfully powerful affirmations.

When you hear them, simply repeat them to yourself out loud if possible but if not, then say them silently in your mind As you say each affirmation, imagine it being completely true and as already in your life.

Feel the positive essence of the words as you repeat them. Be relaxed with them and permit them to merge with your mind and become a part of you. We recommend that these life affirmations should be practiced daily.

OK, here we go. I stand within a universe of possibilities. I draw good things into my life. I attract abundance. I attract healthy relationships. My life has a positive impact on the world. I have amazing strength within me.

I am kind and attract kindness. I sleep peacefully, and wake refreshed. Beautiful things are coming into my life. I follow my dreams with passion and certainty. I love and approve of myself. I see beauty, grace, and goodness in myself.

I can praise myself and feel it is deserved. I constantly live in the expectation of good things happening to me. I am not my past, I am creating my own future. I am good enough. I am more than good enough.

I am fulfilled and grateful. I am gifted. The answers are always before me, even if I do not see them. I have faith in myself. I feel confidence growing daily. I practice self-care with love. I am safe, and all will be well.

My mind, body, and spirit are healing. I see the beauty in people and in the world. I give myself self-care each day. I am talented, discovering new talents all the time. I am building a new and wonderful life for myself.

I acknowledge my own self-worth. I expect good health. Comfort, healing and hope, health, abundance, and happiness are all coming into my life.


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