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[UPGRADED] Professional Massage Gun For Athletes With Quiet Glide Technology For Deep Tissue Muscle Recovery | Ergonomic Percussion Massager With Upgraded Motor & Battery For Therapeutic Recovery


Price: $89.99
(as of Oct 30,2020 07:31:41 UTC – Details)

✅ Increase your range of motion and minimize shoulder pain by activating the muscle area in just 30 seconds. The SURGE’s 60 lbs of torque make self-myofascial release easy & efficient.
✅ Your traps help move and stabilize the shoulder blades. Increase mobility and improve coordination in just 30 seconds with the SURGE.
✅ SURGE helps strengthen wrists for optimal snatches and deadlifts, stabilize your front rack position, increase your overall grip strength, and decrease overall soreness.
✅ SURGE will help to release knots in the calves. Perfect for lightning-fast relief of cramps and spasms.
✅ SURGE can withstand to 60 lbs of pressure without stalling out to dig deep into your hip flexors and provide instant muscle relief, pre- and post-workout.
✅ Tight quads can be responsible for the source of knee pain. Keep them pain-free and healthy with a quick sweep of the SURGE.
✅ Repetitive stress on the shin bone can cause or exacerbate shin splints. SURGE can reduce inflammation and decrease shin splint muscle tension in less than 2 minutes.
✅ Your feet have more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments PLUS 200,000 nerve endings per sole. The SURGE stimulates nerves and increases blood flow for energized, tension-free feet.
✅ The knees and ankles can take a beating with runners – SURGE helps increase circulation around the knee, encouraging proper joint alignment & providing better range of motion.
✅ Overdoing heavy weights, or extreme repetitive motion can lead to Bicep Tendonitis. Relax those muscles and increase circulation in less than 2 minutes with SURGE.
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✅ SILENT GLIDE TECHNOLOGY – A new generation of quiet battery powered brushless electric motors for whole body relief. The Surge percussion massage gun improves upon existing technology giving you power & convenience in a subtly refined package.
✅RELAX TIGHT AND INFLAMED MUSCLES, increase your range of motion, and minimize shoulder pain in just 30 seconds with the Surge massage gun by increasing local circulation to the target area using any of the 5 signature percussive therapy speeds programed into every unit.
✅ SURGE Massage gun uses an oversized Ultra High-quality rechargeable lithium-ion battery 🔋with 4-5 hours of constant use before a recharge is needed.
✅ FREE 1 YEAR WARRANTY comes packaged with every massage gun. We test every single unit for proper operation before it is packaged and take pride in our product. If you ever need any assistance just reach out we are here to help!


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